Puppy to new home



Here at Beaufords TLC Kennel we fed Natriscource puppie we highly recommend it. We give you a starter pack . We believe in feeding the best for your new pups high energy and nutritional needs.


We also give a pups a little (one heaping Tablespoon) of Pedigree Puppy can dog food, we don’t give much as too much can food can cause diarrhea , but they love in and when in doubt as to if your new pup is eating, try the can food, but warning, they can spoil very easy and insist on more, but don’t give into their wants entirely as too much is not good for them. Pups really like people food but don’t give in too much as it isn’t good for them, they are great con artist and will try to hold out until you think they are starving so you will feel sorry for them and give them people food. They are smart little boogers.


If you must change foods please feed a good food, but if you want a healthy dog with a good coat and top shape, feed the best, as you are what you eat.

Treats are fine in training, Bil Jack makes a liver treat that we like, but its like candy to a kid, don’t over do it. Break it into tiny pieces as yorkies just need tiny bites.

Don’t ever give a pup MILK, as this can cause a diarrhea problem.

Some people take their food up at night as to help in potting training them especially when using a kennel to sleep in, this can help, they wont starve to death over night,


There are several ways to house break your Yorkie puppy. You can train your puppy to go outside, go on papers or pee pads, or to go in a litter box. Some

People recommend you start by crate training your puppy. Dogs are den animals and actually feel secure and safe in a crate. They don’t think of a crate as a “cage” but as their den and will try very hard not to soil their den. The crate can be plastic or wire. Buy the smallest size for a puppy for house training. If the crate is too large the puppy may use a corner or one end for a bathroom area. It is possible to buy a larger size and either close off the end with a divider or stuff a pillow in the end to make it smaller.

A crate used correctly for house training becomes the dogs own private retreat or den. The puppy will seek out the crate when it wants to rest undisturbed or to feel safe.

A crate’s success as a housebreaking tool is simple, puppies will not soil their sleeping area if they can possibly avoid it. But remember that a puppy needs time to play and has a small bladder. Use the crate when you can’t watch your puppy, but don’t overuse it.

Crates come in different styles and sizes. Choose one that will be large enough for an adult Yorkie to lie down, stand up, and turn around easily. If you plan on traveling with your Yorkie buy a plastic one with ventilation slits on all four sides. For the first few times the puppy goes in the crate she may cry or whine. Give her a treat when you put her in the crate, close the door. If pup starts to bark, howl or cry under no circumstance open the door, don’t say a word to the pup, don’t try and console the pup, they are smart, if they think that crying , howling, barking or etc. is going to bring you back in the room and you talk to them they will keep this up forever, a lot longer than you will be able to keep it up. Let them cry it out the first time, they learn real fast, don’t give in, or believe me you will regret is the rest of your life. Also, a very young puppy will not be able to hold its urine all night, so be prepared to take her out during the night.

Put the puppy on her leash immediately after letting her out of the crate. Rush the puppy to the door or carry her so she can avoid an accident. Watch to be sure that she relieves herself once you are outside.

Gradually increase the time your puppy is allowed to play out of the crate after she relieves herself outside but always supervise the puppy until she is reliable. A good way to let puppy have some play time while you are busy and don’t want her to have full run of the house is to use a play pen or exercise pen. You can set it up in the kitchen or other room of your house or even attach it to your puppy’s crate.

Outside Method

A lot of people use the crate training method and really like it, I prefer to take them outside if at all possible. With some people this is not possible all the time, as this is an every two hour trip. When ever you see the pup eat or drink take them out 5 mins. Later and talk to them, tell them, go potty, go potty, keep repeating this until they go potty . When they do go potty really praise them like they did the most wonderful thing in the world. They know they just did something to make you really happy by the tone of your voice, you have to really be vocal and enthusiastic to let them know they did something good, because all dogs want to please their masters. When you are not in the house be sure to keep the pup in its cage, kennel or special room where ever you keep them, DON’T let them have the roam of the house by them selves until they are fully house broke. If you catch the pup starting to squat and go, pick them up and say no no, and take them out and start saying go potty, go potty, they should know by the tone of your voice you weren’t pleased with them, you don’t have to scold them bad, just let them know you weren’t pleased. It is really important to stick to potty training seriously for the first two weeks, usually they are house broke in two weeks if you stick with it. Some people use pee pads you can get them at Wal Mart or a pet store, they are scented and the pups usually go to them and go. These are good if you cant get out all the time or weather is really cold and bad out.

No matter which way you choose, stick with it good for two weeks and you’ll have it made.


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