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  1. We would like a female puppy but would also consider a male puppy. We live in Poplar Bluff so we would like to pick the puppy up when ready.

  2. I think I’m on your waitting list I called an talk about a Male puppy for my husband for xmas my name is joyce nichols my email is joycenichols please let me know if I’m on your list

  3. Hello, I just spoke to you on the phone. I am wanting a female Yorkie. It’s ok to dock the tail. 01-11-2021. I can’t find your waiting list. Thanks for talking to me.

  4. I am sorry, I forgot to specify. I would like a black and tan Yorky female pup. I spoke to you about not removing the tail. It is OK you can go ahead and dock. Thank you for your time talking to me and answering my questions. Can’t wait to get my beautiful new baby. Thank you and God bless!
    Victoria from Campbell, MO.

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